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China’s Bosideng becomes more popular than the Canadian Goose. “Chinese-style management has ushered in a new direction,” says someone operating behind the scenes.

Source:Wenhui Daily12-20 2018


  Recently, the domestic brand, Bosideng, a rival of the Canadian Goose, gets very hot on the Internet. This is also a surprise to Gao Dekang, chairman of the board and company CEO.

 Before Bosideng, many people just could not imagine the "Victoria's Secret" international model wearing a down jacket cat-walking on the platform. Very bulky and sluggish? Or walk like a "penguin"? At New York Fashion Week in September, Bosideng hosted a down-jacket catwalk show, with the presence of Hollywood stars Anne Hathaway and “Hawkeye” Jeremy Rainer, legendary woman Deng Wendi, VS supermodel Alexander Ambrosio, Olivia Palermo, Adriana He, Lisa Andra Medin, and many other well-known fashion bloggers.

  The data is even less deceptive. While the development of the entire garment industry was in a downturn, Bosideng’s 2018 sales grew against the trend. In the 42 days since entering the peak season in November, its sales reached 3.096 billion yuan, an increase of 41.6%.

 At the Chinese Enterprise Competitiveness Forum on the "2018 China’s Strategies for Business Competition," held yesterday Gao Dekang replayed the tremendous transformations that had taken place in Bosideng in 2018.

  He admitted that since 2014, Bosideng has experienced a period of confusion in its development. Its ability and appeal are waning. In September 2017, KMIND began to build a corporate competitive strategy for the company. The new strategic direction of the company aims for "global hot down-jacket expert." In this direction, the company has made trade-offs and upgrades to existing operational activities.

  The once popular benchmark method represented by foreign consulting company McKinsey, worked well in the 1990s when most Chinese enterprises were bogged down in their management. But now, with international management experience becoming widely popularized, the original advantages of Chinese enterprises are decreasing in terms of today’s effectiveness, so, they need to change their thinking.

 At the forum, Professor Su Jingqin, a member of the National MBA Education Steering Committee and director of the China Management Case Sharing Center, pointed out that over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China has made great achievements in economic development, and Chinese enterprises have produced many unique and different-from-the-west experiences and methods in their development practices. An array of excellent Chinese enterprise practice samples are needed, to drive the development of Chinese enterprises, and to boost the confidence of Chinese entrepreneurs, especially against a current changeable economic and trade environment.

In this regard, KMIND, as a strategic consulting firm focused on solving the challenges for enterprise competition, has contributed to the development and improvement of the strategic theoretical system of China's local enterprises through its practical achievements in "helping 9 industry leaders to grow within 3 years."

With the support of the National MBA Education Steering Committee, the China Management Case Sharing Center, together with many well-known university experts and professors, created a competition strategy teaching and research workshop, in collaboration with KMIND Consulting and enterprises that KMIND has serviced, and announced its launch at the Forum.