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The Original Competitive Strategy System
East Meets West: Our Competitive Strategy

We integrate modern western corporate strategy and management principles with eastern wisdom - specifically, the Art of War. These principles, alongside our experience servicing over a hundred firms, shaped and developed the baseline of our competitive strategy theory. It encompasses over 30 industry segments, utilizing 213 points of control and 143 levers of adjustment. This allows us and our clients to retain the maximum flexibility and agility in response to competition, while smoothly and effectively optimize business operations and introduce new strategies.

Our competitive strategy theory has already been incorporated into the courses of top Cbusiness schools throughout China, including CCTV's National Brand Class. 6 of our clients' success stories have already been inducted into the "10th National Top 100 Excellent Management Cases."

Competitive Strategy System

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Kmind's Competitive Strategy System: 5 Dimensions of Value
Introducing Competitive Strategy Knowledgy Into Business Schools
  • >Wang Ping
    Wang Ping
    Director of the Office of the Secretariat of National MBA Education Supervisory Committee
    The Competitive Strategy Teaching and Research Workshop needs to concentrate on local companies in China, focus on searching for and summarizing best practices of Chinese enterprises, leverages the advantages of the manufacturer-university-research institution connection, provide support for the sustainable, high quality development of Chinese enterprises, and support the intensive development of China's management education cause.
  • Su Jingqin
    Su Jingqin
    Member of the National MBA Education Supervisory Committee
    Director of China Management Case Sharing Center
    Currently, management theories adopted by Chinese business schools still mainly come from the West. We need to independently develop management theories that suit China's actual situation in order to develop our own management talent, improve our management ability, and solve China's business problems. However, to research and summarize these cases of medium and large local enterprises requires more than just the business schools. Collaboration between manufacturers, universities, and research institutions is a must to complete this task.
Case Study
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Competitive Strategy System
Introducting Competitive Strategy Knowledge into CCTV National Brand Class
  • Li Yi
    Deputy Director of CCTV Advertising Management Center
    Strategies drive brands. Regardless of it is as big as a country or as small as an enterprise, strategic consideration should be the starting point. The National Brand Class is a part of CCTV National Brand Program, aiming to provide intelligent services like brand strategies and marketing for enterprises, while Kmind Strategy Consulting has a unique approach in the development of competitive strategies.
Highlights of the Class
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  • Highlights of the Class
  • Highlights of the Class
  • Highlights of the Class