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Competitive Strategy Analyst (Consultant)

Job Description

1. Study Competitive Strategy

a) Through analysing information like industry data, company interviews, and client investigation reports, we will quickly sour out key information and formulate strategic plans;

b) Propose to the enterprise to reach a consensus of strategic goals.

2. Implement Competitive Strategy

a) Define strategic priorities for companies and systematically plan the strategic supporting system covering product lines, brand, marketing, channels, and operations;

b) Communicate effectively with people of various levels in and outside the companies to successfully implement solutions;

c) Formulate specific strategies for key sectors like product, channels, and operation;

d) Help clients to innovatively execute marketing and PR activities, dealer meetings, and marketing activities.

3. Follow up on Competitive Strategy

a) Focus on our clients' needs and demands, constantly monitor competition development, upgrade strategic priorities, and optimize strategic paths;

b) Stick to the aligned strategic goals to achieve a new market position together with the client.

Operation Planning Leader/Manager

Job Description

1. Responsible for managing trainee colleagues, and increase trainee retainment;

2. Resonsible for the daily management of the class groups, regularly send relevant articles and news about enterprises, and build a sound atmosphere of knowledge communities;

3. Responsible for regularly planning off-line activities, and enhance user activity and student learning participation through interactive activities such as creative mutual trainee-enterprise visits;

4. Regularly visit former trainees, continuously follow the needs of trainees, write "Trainee Cognition Report", and put forward the next-step optimization recommendations;

5. Undertake special tasks, and work with the team to gradually improve the operation mechanism.

Curriculum Design Leader/Manager

Job Description

1. Participate in curriculum design, carry out curriculum study and design independently or together with the Curriculum Director;

2. Assist in the compilation of courseware and powerpoint presentation, and update regularly;

3. Collect, arrange, and compile industry information, data, and other relevant information related to the course content;

4. Design and implement interactive teaching activities centering on the course content, and fully improve trainees' learning experience;

5. Extensively follow, study, and analyze excellent educational curriculum systems, constantly summarize, improve, and upgrade the course development process, and constantly optimize the curriculum system.

Resume Submission

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