Recommended Books
Recommended Books
  • 《Great Competition: Competitive Strategy Practice Cases of Chinese Enterprises》
    《Great Competition: Competitive Strategy Practice Cases of Chinese Enterprises》

    Author: Liu Xuewei

    Professional Interpretation: Xie Weishan, Xu Lianzheng, Yao Rongjun

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Introduction of the Author
Liu Xuewei
Former Associate Editor-in-Chief of Business Review
Worked for China Europe International Business School and Harvard Business Review (Chinese Version). Has engaged in work relating to business management cases since 1999, and has translated and proofread close to one million words of overseas cases. Later, has been focusing on the investigation and compilation of local Chinese business cases, and has written and published over 40 hypothetical scenario cases and best practice cases.
Liu Xuewei
Brief Introduction of the Book

How do national brands compete in the global market?

How do expert brands leverage their advantages?

How do industry leaders expand market shares?



Many Chinese entrepreneurs are bothered with such questions.


Six excellent Chinese enterprises, namely FIRMUS, Xiangpiaopiao, Gani, Yadea, CredEx Fintech, and Kmind, are presented in this book. They are from different industries and have their own characteristics. The author spent years interviewing and investigating these companies, and describes their unique journeys of rising in the increasingly competitive business environment in a storytelling format, complemented by her insightful, detailed analysis, and the professional interpretation by competitive strategy practice experts. The review and interpretation of these cases not only demonstrate the spirits of the tradtional gentry (cultivating the moral self, putting the family in order, governing the state rightly, and making the world peaceful) of Chinese entrepreneurs; more importantly, they bring new insights to Chinese entrepreneurs on how to beat competition, how to tackle the price war, how to identify growth drivers, and how to define innovation directions.


"Using a mirror as a guide, we can dress properly; using history as a guide, we know how things develop", and using this book Great Competition: Competitive Strategy Practice Cases of Chinese Enterprises as a guide, we will obtain new knowledge for winning in the market competition and leading industry development, and eventually find a new way to converting internal resources to external results more efficiently and more effectively.

Recommendations in the Preface
  • Zhang Weijiong

    Deputy Dean of China Europe International Business School & Director of Academic Affairs (from the Chinese partner)

    Professor of Strategy

    Strategy represents the direction of enterprises, and focus means the soul of enterprises. The book is of great value to various enterprises in China, and I would recommend it to enterpreneurs.

  • Gong Yuzhen

    Professor at National School of Development at Peking University

    Deputy Dean of BIMBA Business School & EMBA Academic Director

    Sun Tzu said, "What is of supreme importance in war is to attack the enemy's strategy". The ultimate competition among enterprises is about strategy. Good competitive strategies can help enterprises overcome difficulties, and even win without fighting, while lack of strategy is the worst loss of an enterprise.

  • Su Jingqin

    Professor at Dalian University of Technology & Director of Faculty of Management and Economics

    Director of China Management Case Sharing Center

    I firmly believe this book is profoundly enlightening to entrepreneurs and business executives, and it will help teachers and students of business schools in China to better undertand enterprises.

Recommendations from Entreprenuers
  • Leng Youbin
    Chairman of FIRMUS

    Chinese brands need to work together to go global! Competitive strategy holds the key in helping us to find ways to win in competition! Persistence is the magic weapon of strategy implementation!

  • Dong Jinggui
    Chairman of Yadea Technology Group

    Competitive strategy is the top-level design of the enterprise, also the uniform method of enterprise operation. It can create a joint force among all departments of the enterprise. Moreover, competitive strategy is the key stand of the enterprise. It keeps the enterprise on the right track, captures the mind of consumers, enables us to correctly manufacture products and serve consumers, and mitigate the risk for the enterprise.

  • Jiang Nanchun
    Chairman of Focus Media

    Without the guidance of correct theories, the cost of unnecessary consumption in the operation of the enterprise can be huge. Competitive strategy is the tipping point for enterprise growth.