Guiding the Perpetual #2 to Topple the Leader

Established in 2001, Yadea Technology Group Co.,Ltd. has now become a manufacturer of high-end electric two-wheelers integrating research and development, production,and sales of electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and their parts and components after more than a decade of rapid development. On May 19,2016, Yadea was successfully listed in Hong Kong. In May 2018,Yadea won the title of "First electric bicycle manufacturer complying with the new national standards",with its products exported to 77 countries globally inlcuding the US and Germany.Yades was also selected as the official Asian sponsor for FIFA Russia World Cup 2018.

Strategic Results
2015: "Higher-End Electric Motorbike" strategy begins implementation; Yadea's sales increased by 20%.
2016: Products echo Yadea's strategy, bucking the industry trend with 63% YoY sales growth of high-end units; first electric motorbike brand to IPO.
2017: Yadea fully revamps its supply chain system to support higher-end electric motorbikes, and were the first in its industry to record annual sales of 4 million units.
2018: Fifa World Cup partner and recognized by Euromonitor as world sales leader; first in industry to sell 5 million units in a year.
2019: Launch of Long Battery Life series; Yadea recorded a revenue of 11.97 billion RMB and a net profit of 520 million RMB.
2020: Components sourced from 28 globally leading providers, selling over 10.8 million units worldwide, and seeing a revenue of 19.36 billion RMB, a 61.76% YoY increase, and a net profit of 957 million RMB, an 89.64% YoY increase.
2021: Reshaped industry distribution network, securing partners and resources of key competitors.
2022: Reported 31.059 billion RMB in revenue.
Dong Jinggui
Dong Jinggui
Chairman of Yadea Technology Group

In the past, Yadea did not realise the importance of competitive strategy; thus the business was in disorder, and the company lacked direction. Our key competitors were better at fighting price wars, and Yadea was hard-pressed to keep up. Performance was poor, and both the company and our dealers were struggling. By formulating the competitive strategy of "higher-end electric bikes" for Yadea, Kmind not only pointed out a clear strategic direction, but in it supported a systematic implementation of said strategy. This also served to both lift Yadea out of the industry's price war and elevate us to industry leader. Kmind's team is extremely professional, and does everything in their power to help clients attain strategic achievements, and conscientiously drive their clients' strategic actions.