Elevating an Obscure #7 to Undisputed Market Leader

Established in 1962 in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang as one of China's first milk powder manufacturers, Feihe has been developing milk powder for Chinese physique, focusing on the research of Chinese baby's physique and breast milk nutrition for over 56 years. They have undertaken national-level scientific research projects such as the national 863 projects and projects for the 12th Five-Year Plan period of the Ministry of Science and Technolody, boasting top-notch scientific research capabilities in the industry.
Strategic Results
2016: Narrow geographic and price scope, resulting in an 80% increase in premium unit sales, growing against the market trend.
2017: "Education for New Mothers" promoted across China; 200% increase in premium unit sales and a 60% increase in total revenue, the fastest of any domestic manufacturer.
2018: Brand image upgrade targeting Beijing; revenue exceeds 10 billion RMB, a milestone for China's infant formula industry.
2019: Hong Kong Stock Exchange IPO, becoming the highest market value dairy company to IPO in the history of the HKSE.
2020: Collaboration with China Aerospace on Space Food Initiative; revenue growing 32% YoY to 13.7 billion RMB, net profit growing 75.5% YoY to 3.9 billion RMB.
2021: Feihe once again shatters industry records with a revenue of 22.78 billion RMB, maintaing double-digit growth for six consecutive years.
Leng Youbin
Leng Youbin
Chairman of Feihe

Not only did Kmind's competitive strategy help Feihe stand out amongst the competition, clearly define our development direction, and our path to winning the market, they also guided us throughout the execution process, enabling us to not just achieve remarkable results, but boost our confidence in leading the rejuvenation of the national dairy industry!