On October 17, 2019, (Beijing time), the 2019 Constantinus International Award Ceremony and the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) Annual Meeting closed in Nassau, Bahamas. Designed to celebrate internationally-recognized management consulting cases, the Constantinus International Award is a highly prestigious and selective award. To be considered, candidates must first be recommended by 50 ICMCI member institutes before being reviewed and selected by an international panel. KMIND’s first-time submission and entry was a remarkable success. The firm was honored with the silver medal, winning out over 169 participating projects from over 20 countries including Canada, Italy, Singapore, and Austria.

Congratulations from Organizing Committee

KMIND Strategy Consulting: Up To The World
—Winner Of The “2019 Constantinus International Award”

  • Chairman of ICMCI-Dwight Mihalicz

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  • ICMCI Vice Chair-Jan Willem Kradolfer

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  • ICMCI Immediate Past Chair-Sorin Caian

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  • ICMCI Executive Director-Reema Nasser

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  • CICMC President-Donald Demerritte

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  • Constantinus Committee Chair-Alfred Harl

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Address at Press Conference

  • President of International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI)

    Dwight Mihalicz

    The project submitted by KMIND Consulting demonstrates the firm’s deep understanding of the Chinese market and related business environment. Their expertise in this area is compounded by their acute awareness of the different competitive strategies utilized by Chinese enterprises. Leveraging this knowledge, KMIND Consulting has shown bold initiative by combining western and Chinese principles to further develop exceptional and novel consulting solutions, By harnessing these diverse perspectives and combining it with their specialized knowledge, KMIND Consulting is able to deliver world-leading, highly innovative consulting services to its customers. KMIND Consulting is a leader in innovation and provides an outstanding example of how firms can deliver innovative business services in a sustainable way. We are very proud that they are a part of our community, and that their accomplishments have received such international attention and recognition.

  • Deputy Director General of China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Directors Association

    Li Jianming

    Winning the Constantinus International Award is a significant accomplishment for KMIND Consulting. It marks the first occasion that a Chinese strategic consulting company has received such an award from the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI). This is a phenomenal event for strategic consulting companies and national enterprises in China alike. KMIND Consulting's innovations and cutting-edge developments have been instrumental in assisting businesses improve their market competitiveness. Peers have much to learn from the success with which they implement and deliver these business practices.

  • Director of Consulting Service Center of China Enterprise Confederation, and Board Member of ICMCI

    Zhang Yanyan

    KMIND Consulting has heralded a new generation of strategic consulting. The firm has developed original strategic tool systems and methodology, marking a significant milestone in the field of strategic consulting. The fact that KMIND Consulting is the recipient of an international award shows that its innovation and achievements have been recognized by the international community. In addition to this, it also affirms the rising international influence of Chinese strategic consulting and Chinese culture.

  • Chairman of KMIND Consulting

    Xie Weishan

    Thank you to ICMCI for introducing KMIND Consulting to the world. Over the past five years, KMIND Consulting has helped five companies achieve revenues of over RMB 10 billion. Moving forward, KMIND Consulting is ready—and eager—to help more Chinese companies fulfill the same ambition.The Art of War by Sun Tzu takes a rather holistic view that can be aptly applied to a business context. In brief, it can be said that successful business operation outcomes result in response to effective synergy across all business elements. KMIND Consulting has divided its entire service process into three or four modules. It has further identified 30 segments, 213 control points, and 143 tools within them to secure desirable outcomes for clients.

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